Bigg Boss 5: Namitha Speaking about how their Community affecting


Bigg Boss 5 Tamil is the fifth season of Bigg Boss in the Tamil language. The grand launch of the show started on 3rd October 2021. In today’s episode, we can see the Day 4 happenings. There is a total of 18 contestants in the house.

Some contestants are very familiar and some are not popular too much. Namitha is also coming from unpopular people. She is the first transgender to enter the Bigg Boss 5. This creates a huge impact and power in her community.

On the grand launch day, she said she came for her community. The first prime of the Day 4 has been released today. This week’s storytelling task is going. If a contestant wants to tell their story and remaining contestant should give heart, like, or dislike to their story.

Namitha Marimuthu telling a story about her community and started crying while telling the story. All other contestant has begun to start crying. See what happened in the first promo here.

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