Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Confirmed Contestant Revealed: Check Here


Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Confirmed Contestant: Bigg Boss is a mega reality show of India. This show has been telecasting in many countries. In Tamil, this will be the fifth season of Bigg Boss. So there is huge excitement about BB5 contestants.

Kamal Hasan is hiring the show continuously for the fifth season. There are many fans in Tamil Nadu for Bigg Boss. This season Bigg Boss has been delayed due to election and corona cases. The fifth season is going to be telecast from tomorrow.

How to Vote Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Online and Missed Call Numbers?

The first day of the show starts from today as there will be a total of 100 days. The launch day of this event is telecast tomorrow at 06:30 PM on Vijay television. But the launch show shoot is ongoing today. There are many surprised contestants entering the bB5.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 House Tour with Contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Confirmed Contestant

  1. Bigg Boss First Contestant: Gana Isaivani ( Read more about Isaivani )

Bigg Boss 5 isai vani


2. Bigg Boss 5 Second Contestant: Raju Jeyamohan ( Read More About Raju Jeyamohan)

Bigg Boss 5 raju

3. Bigg Boss 5 Third Contestant: Madhumitha ( Read More About Madhumitha)

Bigg Boss 5 madhumitha

4. Bigg Boss 5 fourth contestant: Abhishek Raja (Read More About Abishek Paiyan)

Bigg Boss 5 Abishek

5. Bigg Boss 5 fifth contestant: Namitha Marimuthu (Read more about Namitha Marimuthu)

Bigg Boss 5 Namitha

6. Bigg Boss 5 Sixth Contestant: Priyanka Deshpande (Read more about Priyanka)

Bigg Boss 5 Priyanka

7. Bigg Boss 5 seventh Contestant: Abhinay Vaddi

Bigg Boss 5 Abhinay

8. Bigg Boss 5 eight Contestant: Chinna Ponnu

Bigg Boss 5 Chinna Ponnu

9. Bigg Boss 5 ninth contestant: Pavani Reddy

She entered into Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house as a ninth contestant. She acted as a female lead in the Vijay TV serial Chinna Thambi.

Bigg Boss 5 Pavni

10. Bigg Boss 5 Tenth Contestant: Nadia Chang

Bigg Boss 5 Nadia Chang

11. Bigg Boss 5 eleventh Contestant: Actor Varun

Bigg Boss 5 Varun

12. Bigg Boss 5 twelfth Contestant: Imman Annachi

Bigg Boss 5 Imman Annachi

13. Bigg Boss 5 thirteenth Contestant: Suruthi (Model)

Bigg Boss 5 Suruthi

14. Bigg Boss 5 fourteenth Contestant: Akshara (Model)

Bigg Boss 5 Akshara

15. Bigg Boss 5 fifteenth Contestant: Iykki Berry (Rapper)

Bigg Boss 5 Iykki Berry

16. Bigg Boss 5 sixteenth Contestant: Thamarai Selvi (Drama Artist)

Bigg Boss 5 Thamarai Selvi

17. Bigg Boss 5 seventeenth Contestant: Ciby (Actor)

Bigg Boss 5 Ciby

18. Bigg Boss 5 eighteenth Contestant: Niroop (Entrepreneur)

Bigg Boss 5 Niroop

Stay Tuned here for Further Information about other contestants.

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