Black Friday Offer: EmailBadge Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $9.00


EmailBadge Appsumo: Your email signature is one of the most underrated marketing channels and EmailBadge lets you drive clicks to your best content. Start by creating your email signature in just a few minutes with easy drag-and-drop content types and accelerate the process with professionally-designed templates.

You can use one-click integrations for a super simple incorporation into your ecosystem or just stick to good ol’ fashioned copy and paste. EmailBadge doesn’t stop there either. Your email signatures will also look great in legacy inboxes like Outlook 2013 Yandex Android 4 and more.

Click Here to Buy EmailBadge Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $9.00

EmailBadge Appsumo

EmailBadge also lets you create and save multiple signatures in no time. Need another signature for a specific client? Done. Another one for a new coworker? No problem. B-day present for your tech-savvy grandma? Gotchu. Just make what you need and EmailBadge will take care of the rest.

Click Here to Buy EmailBadge Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $9.00

Your signature is in every email you send so don’t waste the opportunity to get your brand out there by using plain text Now you can finally create beautiful effective email signatures for yourself your team or your clients in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

When I first read the critiques about branding on the emails I was expecting a big obnoxious logo and I was a bit sad. I definitely don’t want to be promoting other products in email where I am working hard to promote myself. But I loaded it up to see for myself.

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