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53 Appsumo: has combined scientific approaches and data from thousands of real eye-tracking studies for extremely accurate heatmap results. You can then export heatmaps and share the results with the rest of your team or stakeholders for effective design marketing. uses AI to predict the outcomes of eye-tracking research studies and show results in the form of colorful heatmaps. So you don’t need to work design tests into your marketing budget anymore giving you more time to optimize your content strategy plan.

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Best of all you can take your heatmaps to the next level with the Area of Interest feature which lets you predict attention to specific elements or objects within visual assets. Easily determine how likely it is that your CTA logo call-out and other specific design details get noticed.

Click Here to Buy Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $49.00

That’s why empowers you to predict how product packaging ads brochures and UI/UX changes will perform without implementation. From social posts to web pages the app gives you endless possibilities to produce the designs that will best serve your brand.

you can integrate the software with Adobe Creative Cloud Figma and Chrome-based applications like Canva for seamless design editing. Just like too many chefs in the kitchen doesn’t guarantee a great meal gathering a bunch of people’s opinions doesn’t guarantee great design.

you can design with AI on your side—instead of with guessing or subjective opinions! Start generating AI heatmaps for more efficient content creation.

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