Black Friday Offer: Reportei Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Reportei Appsumo: You can connect your digital marketing channels to Reportei to save time collecting and analyzing all the data that powers your business. In just a few clicks Reportei lets you generate detailed reports and dashboards to present to your team and clients.

You can also track the performance of your ad and email marketing campaigns by connecting to Google Ads Facebook Ads and MailChimp. Conveniently access likes shares comments conversions or cost-per-click for each social channel to focus on the metrics that matter.

Click Here to Buy Reportei Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Reportei Appsumo

And for a more detailed analysis you’ll even be able to generate graphs and tables that show relevant information about your target audience and engagement. you can get a read on how well your market strategy is performing without any hassle. Condense all your social data into one report for a clear view of which content is resonating with your audience the most.

Click Here to Buy Reportei Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

automate reports to get the scoop on the channels and time periods of your choice—all sent right to your inbox at custom intervals. You’ll be able to keep tabs on user behavior and content performance plus keep your clients updated every step of the way.

Reportei makes it simple to fully customize your reports and dashboards to reflect the most relevant project data. You can add and remove metrics create a timeline of campaigns and add your own data analyses with custom text videos and images.

Analyzing your digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to feel like confronting that stack of dirty dishes you’ve been ignoring.  Reportei makes it quick and easy to collect data across all your channels for personalized client-ready reports and detailed marketing insights. Up your marketing game without the headache.

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