Black Friday Offer: Sales.Rocks Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $89.00


Sales.Rocks Appsumo: you can create hyper-personalized sequences including email and LinkedIn actions to automate your outreach. Use your saved lead lists or add your own CSV or Google Sheet file to set up the campaigns. In the drag-and-drop builder you can add triggers based on the recipient’s actions and customize your email templates and LinkedIn actions with a simple editor.

you’ll be able to hyper-personalize your drip campaign email templates with image personalization and one-liners. Add a custom tag directly to the uploaded images and AI-generated opening sentences to your email templates so you can say goodbye to writing them manually for each recipient.

Click Here to Buy Sales.Rocks Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $89.00

Sales.Rocks Appsumo

Plus use custom placeholders to add other information in the email templates and start your evergreen campaign. The last thing you want is for your email to end up in a prospect’s spam folder which is why the Email Warmer is designed to help improve your domain reputation and email deliverability.

Click Here to Buy Sales.Rocks Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $89.00

The Warmer works based on a pool of emails that interact with each other and it sends out automated emails and replies. All the interactions are made to look as “human” as possible to achieve a natural flow of emails and prepare your domain for your future campaigns.

Doing cold outreach manually is like building your own car—it’s a fun way to get your feet wet but it won’t win you any prizes. Sales.Rocks supports your entire sales team by helping you create a company lead list and enabling collaboration on your cold outreach.

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