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Sertifier PitchGround: A digital credential management software that helps institutions, academies, universities, and schools to send digital certificates and badges at ease. Sertifier allows its customers to create and design digital and verifiable certificates.

Certificates and badges issued by Sertifier contain the related skill and evidence information with a sharable and verifiable infrastructure. Sertifier also provides the necessary tools to track each credential, gives online visibility reports and industry-based skills analytics.

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  • Professional designs – Let your design process be easily done in minutes with Sertifier’s drag & drop certificate and open badge design tool. Choose one of its eye-catching templates or upload your own.
  • Custom variables – The magic of automated certificate distribution is right here. Place variables on your design. Custom earner information will be automatically placed on your design while generating the certificate.

Sertifier PitchGround

  • Skill library – Certificates are not just designs. You can tag each certificate on Sertifier with what skill has been learned. Use the skills library available within Sertifier.
  • Evidence – When did the course take place? Has a test been done in the course? Is there a video recording of the course? Include the pieces of evidence to help certificate earners remember your course.

Click here to Buy Sertifier PitchGround Deal at $45

Sertifier PitchGround Benefits

  • Automation of sending digital badges and certificates.
  • Tracing and verifying digital badges and certificates.
  • Easy to use UI with a comprehensive designer for certificates and badges.
  • White-Label your certificates and badges.
  • Track them using tracking tools within Sertifier.
  • Ability to integrate with various LMSs or e-learning platforms via its API.
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