Black Friday Offer: Spoke Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $79.00


Spoke Appsumo: You can even sync to your Zoom account and Spoke will record and transcribe your Zoom conversations on the cloud. Spoke also offers camera recording which lets you record and transcribes with a camera bubble on your screen for screen explainers. Boost accessibility and ease of viewing with transcripts and subtitles.

You can search through your videos and organize your content by labeling your conversations. You’ll also be able to create new videos with a specific theme using labels and the powerful new search feature to gather clips on similar topics like user feedback or meeting to-dos.

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 Highlight and tag important moments live in the Spoke user interface to keep track of key comments and questions. When you’re sharing a conversation tag specific moments with labels like “To-Do” or “Feedback so you and your team don’t have to waste hours looking through the video files.

Click Here to Buy Spoke Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $79.00

You can find specific moments in your video by searching the transcript so it’s easy to locate the soundbite or clip you need. Then, you’re ready to share an awesome quote or meeting highlight on any platform you want! And if authenticity is a big part of your brand you can also share unedited videos across platforms.

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Don’t spend hours creating subtitles or transcripts of your video meetings yourself. With Spoke you can easily record transcribe and edit any video so you can hold more efficient meetings and even share clips to boost engagement. Make your online conversations work for you.

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