Black Friday Offer: TidyCal Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $29.00


TidyCal Appsumo: You’ll solve the issue of booking a business meeting when you have a personal obligation once and for all. If that’s not enough multiple calendar integrations mean you can connect your Google calendars all in one place too. Plus the handy Zapier integration lets you sync thousands of other tools to TidyCal and automate your workflow.

Once your calendars are integrated TidyCal makes it simple to set up different booking pages. You can create a free booking page for prospects a paid booking page for clients and more. While your competitors are manually wasting time back-and-forth emailing to set up meetings you’ll set your schedule on autopilot.

Click Here to Buy TidyCal Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $29.00

TidyCal Appsumo

Click Here to Buy TidyCal Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $29.00

That’s why TidyCal offers basic customization options to match the general look and feel of your brand or business with the booking page. Ready to go global? Then you’ll love the automatic translations that tailor your booking page and booking emails to the local language of your audience.

Scheduling should be about saving time so TidyCal makes it easy to get all the information upfront about your client or prospect who booked. Before someone completes a booking with you ask questions to be prepared for the call. When a meeting is booked TidyCal sends a confirmation email to both you and the person who booked.

Sending back-and-forth emails and trying to coordinate across calendars and time zones is a thing of the past just like burning mixtapes.

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