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92 Appsumo: makes video design way easier with video layouts frames grids and color filters. Choose from collages frames color gradients borders and more to give your videos that professional edge. You can also export a piece of your video as a GIF or any frame as a static image.

Thanks to’s AI-based tools you can easily turn any text into video or convert it into voiceover and save tons of time. All you have to do is paste in your text and the AI will find matching footage soundtrack and text style to compile a video for you.

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Captions make your videos more accessible while letting people enjoy your content without alerting their bosses. auto-captioning toolkit is powered by advanced speech recognition technology so you’ll get high-quality captions right off the bat. Using the new text-to-speech converter.

Click Here to Buy Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00 Hosting is also a reliable cloud-based solution to store embed and distribute the videos you create or broadcast using tools. Every video hosted on the platforms gets its own customizable landing page. Your video or live recording will be front and center without any random ad or suggested video stealing your spotlight.

You need videos for your marketing campaigns but low-quality efforts just won’t do . gives you hundreds of templates millions of media assets and customizable landing pages for top-tier videos with way less effort. Sit back and give your marketing campaigns that extra boost.

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