Black FridayOffer: PublishDrive Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $69.00


PublishDrive  Appsumo: PublishDrive also lets you boost your book sales with a suite of marketing tools and features built right into the platform. Give your book the attention it deserves by getting featured with PublishDrive’s store partners like Amazon and Kobo.

Reach a wider audience of book lovers by offering your title in multiple formats including ebook audiobook and print-on-demand. You can go step-by-step through the manufacturing process to publish your book by choosing the format trim size colors and more.

Click Here to Buy PublishDrive Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $69.00

PublishDrive  Appsumo

Keep up with your sales performance on one dashboard where you can track real-time sales, ratings and rankings. PublishDrive also lets you quickly set the retail price for your book and receive 100% of the royalties. Plus, you’ll receive auto-royalty reports so you never miss a payment.

Click Here to Buy PublishDrive Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $69.00

And when you publish with PublishDrive you’ll receive the same exact royalty rates that you would if you were publishing directly with stores. Writing a book is hard enough without having to jump through a thousand hoops to get it published.  With PublishDrive you can self-publish market and sell your book while keeping 100% of the royalties.

Bought the deal and I am pretty happy with it. I’ve heard about Publishdrive on Joanna Penn’s podcast for authors many times and there is a good interview there with Kinga the CEO. Basically there are a lot of Google SEO benefits to being in the Google Books store and these guys make it relatively simple.

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