BLACKBOX Pitchground Discount: Lifetime Deal for $59.00


BLACKBOX Pitchground: If you’re a student, then this is a must have. If you’re a developer, then you’ll love this even more. AND, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time watching videos, webinars and meetings, then you’ll fall in love with this

Bottom line, I’m sure you know the struggle of wanting to grab that text from a video, image or a shared screen on zoom/teams/meet etc… but you just can’t. So now you have to take a screenshot, then retype the whole thing.
But not anymore, because BLACKBOX makes it possible to select text from anywhere on your screen.

Click Here to Buy BLACKBOX Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $59.00

BLACKBOX Pitchground+ Extra Bonus for Devs, BLACKBOX preserves indentation

Product Hunt Launch – January 2022
– #3 Product of the Week
– #4 Product of the Day
– #Most Votes of the Month

It’s really simple. Having to type manually code or text showing in a video or an image is really a pain and waste of time.

Also, how painful is it to find the minute and second your need in long videos.

So now you just need to select the text – like taking a screenshot – but the big difference is that under 500 milliseconds, that screenshots turns into text that you can paste anywhere.

Click Here to Buy BLACKBOX Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Big PLUS for Developers: Any code you copy with BLACKBOX, you can paste it in your IDE…AND it preserves indentation

Big Big PLUS for everyone: Now you can search inside videos

  1. Unlimited Text copied from videos, images, PDFS, articles
  2. Blazingly fast
  3. Supports ALL languages – yes, every single language on planet earth
  4. Preserves formatting and indentation (if you’re copying code)
  5. Support 24/7 and response time less than 5min 🙂
  6. Bonus Major Feature Only to PitchGround

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