BotStar Review: BotStar Appsumo lifetime deal at $59


BotStar Review: BotStar is a comprehensive chatbot that makes it easy to build, develop, and refine an automated system to tackle queries and generate leads. You need an easy to use live chat solution that can take care of basic queries and also has the power to incorporate customer data and scale for industry-specific conversations.

It easily tailors a chatbot to your business needs with an intuitive visual flow designer and 70+ templates. It uses an omnichannel inbox and gets a complete toolset for human collaboration.

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The platform also offers multilingual support for up to 170 languages right out of the box–essential for companies with international customers.

BotStar Review
BotStar Review

For those situations that need the TLC of human interaction, BotStar offers a complete toolset to streamline collaborations between the chatbot and a representative. Plus, AI-enabled chatbots with Dialogflow integration can handle complex conversations without human intervention, all at lightning-fast response rates.

This straightforward tool lets you preview your bot while you’re outlining and also comes with a built-in content management system to accommodate media-rich content.

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Add images, videos, variables, and more to the conversation with simple drag-and-drop functionality and use editor shortcuts to design a bot flow from pre-configured options.

You can also transfer user data to chatbots with external links and automatically sync data between Google Sheets and BotStar for seamless information updates.

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