Boxysuite Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal


Boxysuite Review: Boxy Suite is everything you love about Gmail (keyboard shortcuts included) with a compact and refined user interface. You even have the option of turning on Dark Mode, which mirrors Mojave’s Dark Mode, or Minimal Mode, which gives you a more compact and cleaner IU.

Boxy, launched in December 2015, is our first Mac app. In that time, and still today, making a Mac app and trying to earn money from it might sound risky if not a bit crazy, but that’s what we did. We reached roughly 8k Monthly Active Users in a few months, and our app is still profitable today, more than a year after its launch, even with the amazing competitors we have and their exciting updates.

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Boxysuite Review

Boxy Suite public launch

After months of work, and an exciting beta program with hundreds of testers, we finally ship Boxy Suite Beta. It includes clients for Gmail and Google Calendar and a (100% native) status bar app that lets users control and quickly access their accounts.

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Boxy Suite is a suite of beautiful Mac apps for Gmail and Google Calendar. They wrap and completely restyled the webapps, and they feature deep system integration and native features. Boxy Suite also includes Dashboard, a 100% native status bar app to control and access all your accounts easily.

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