Brizy Review: Lifetime AppSumo Deal $ 49.00


Brizy Review: Brizy is a relatively new WordPress bage builder that was released in April 2018 by a well-known company, ThemeFusion. Despite being young, it’s already showing so much promise. Its free version already has 50, 000+ active installations which speak volumes on how well it performs.

With that said, Brizy still has a long way to go to rank up there with the reigning kings of page builders such as Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder. But I really think that in time, it will be able to offer more compelling features and closely compete with the big guys.

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Brizy Review

Installing Brizy

Installing the free version of Brizy is as simple as adding and installing a free WordPress plugin. Go to Plugins > Add New > search for “Brizy” > Install Now > Activate. If you bought the Pro version, you’ll have to have the free version installed first before uploading and installing the Pro .zip file.

Building and Designing a New Page in Brizy

Once you get inside Brizy, first thing you’ll notice is the entire blank space without any trace of your theme. This is because the page template is automatically set to Brizy Template.

To start building your page, you can either start with pre-made blocks or layouts (for Briz Pro), or start with a blank block. We’re going to go over the key features see what you can do with them, how easy they are to use, and in which versions they are available.

Brizy Pro Pricing

I’d have to say that Brizy is one of the page builders with the most generous offer. At $49 per year, you’ll have access to all the pro features, updates, and support for 3 websites. It’s a good deal if you’re just going to create a personal website.

Brizy Pro Review: Real Life Application

While Brizy Pro looks good on paper, would it do well for production? Would I be able to replace my copies of Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro, Divi Builder and Thrive Architect with Brizy Pro? As I run a WordPress focused Web Development agency, this is an important question for me.

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features of the Brizy page builder

To start off our Brizy page builder review, I’m going to cover the most important features, which should kind of wrap up all the strengths and possibilities you’ll have if you decide to use it on your website.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface. I remember testing other similar tools and having a hard time trying to understand what’s the role of a specific option or where should I find this and that. Well, I didn’t have this issue with Brizy. Everything is straight and smooth… like a breeze.

Cloud auto-save. You shouldn’t worry about losing the adjustments you’ve been working on for a long time because all your work will be stored in a cloud.

Pricing plans

At this very moment, Brizy only has a free version, but its developers plan to launch a premium plan soon. So if you’re enjoying the Brizy Lite experience and want to get even more flexibility for future projects, the wait won’t be long. By the end of July, the page builder should be available for purchase.

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