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Airmeet:Networking is what really sets Airmeet apart from the competition.Participants will have access to a social lounge that features virtual tables of up to 8 members, plus the host.You can join any table you like, with the option to switch between tables at your discretion

There’s also a speed networking lobby where participants are matched for quick conversations of one to five minutes, creating an easy ice-breaker for larger eventsAirmeet’s tables act as mini-conferences within the larger event.Anyone at the table can screen share, text chat, and hang out in more personal groups to foster genuine connections

Buy Airmeet Lifetime Deal for $79.00


It’s a great way to separate into break-out groups or talk about specific topics to hone in on what’s important to your participantsWith Airmeet, keynote speakers can broadcast from the virtual live stage.The live stage offers not only public chat, questions, and upvotes, but also lets participants raise their digital hand and join the speakers onstage themselves, once approved

The host can also invite any of the participants to the stage and designate them as a speaker, with all the same privileges as the other speakers.Plus, emoji reactions from the audience let you know how you’re doing

Airmeet brings the thrill  of a virtual arena with the ability to set up exhibitor booths for your partners and sponsors.Event partners and sponsors can create their own fully-branded virtual booth to showcase their brand videos, add downloadable resources, share contact info, plus accept inbound interest through an “I’m interested

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Of course, Airmeet makes it easy to set up your event with its intuitive interface.The dashboard lets you manage registration, integrate with social streaming services, add sponsor branding, and more.Everything is laid out with simple formatting to get you set up to run your first event in no time

Airmeet gives you a versatile digital platform to host interactive events that actually keep participants engaged, plus lets them network and build bonds for a fulfilling experience

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