Buy Brandox Appsumo LifeTime Deal At $59.00


Brandox:Brandox’s visual design layout lets you see exactly which assets are where, so you never have to play needle in a haystack again.Separate files into sections and subsections to keep track of everything, hassle-free.Plus, the search function and filters make finding the right file all too easy—just think about all the time you’ll save

Brandox isn’t picky about file types, either.You can host and share any file format without going through the hassle of converting or compressing them.Uploading files is as simple as dragging-and-dropping what you want into Brandox, labeling it, and watching it appear where it’s supposed

Buy Brandox Lifetime Deal for $59.00


The built-in share tool lets you share what you want, with who you want.There’s no file size limit, so just select the files to share, then add the recipient’s email address to send them a download link.No more worrying about email limits or file errors

Get Appsumo Brandox in the Deal for $59.00

Choose which users have editing or viewing rights for each section for stress-free collaboration.Or make your entire asset page private and password-protected.Brandox lets you hide sections from users, too, in case you want to protect intellectual property

The location of your important files definitely shouldn’t be one of them.Manage, organize, and share all your files in any format, all from one user-friendly platform.

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