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Crewdle PitchGround: From your dashboard or one of Crewdle’s integrations, easily create new ad hoc meetings and invite the people you want. Ad hoc meetings are useful to create unique meeting rooms with a dynamic link that’s easy to copy and share.

Crewdle’s technology doesn’t rely on servers and your streams are truly encrypted from end-to-end between every participant in a virtual meeting. Your streams are truly encrypted at all times and between all people participating in a virtual meeting.

Create your personal meeting room on Crewdle by claiming your personal ID. When creating a personal ID room, you will receive a short URL with your personal ID. Share that link and for people to easily reach you. Meet your contacts in your personalized room or join a contact’s room in one click!

Click here to buy Crewdle PitchGround Deal at $49

Crewdle Settings

User management – Create an organization to regroup your colleagues’ collaborators. You can then manage users in your business account and decide which role they have.

Video and audio controls – You can also configure the source you want your camera or microphone to be captured from.

Remote control – Give control to another participant to handle the videoconference.

Integrations – Use the Crewdle integration for Google Calendar, Outlook, or Slack to plan your meetings and make them happen. More are soon coming.

Virtual backgrounds – You can now pick and choose to customize your background.

Room controls – As a host, you can decide the level of security & controls you want when participants join your meeting room.

Click here to buy Crewdle PitchGround Deal at $49

Crewdle Benefits

  • Crewdle means maximum security.
  • This deal is the greenest solution for all your video calls and video conferences needs.
  • The deal keeps your conversations and data private and respects your privacy.
  • This deal is easy to use, user-friendly and fun.


“The best thing about this software is that it is very efficient in presentations. Also, we have the option for screen sharing which makes the meetings more interactive. Another great thing about this software is that it enables you to do live chat.” – Mansi G, Software QA

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