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KeepSolid Goals:KeepSolid Goals gives you an overview of all your objectives, tasks, due dates, assigned team members, key results, KPIs, and budgets in the objective gallery.To get started, you can use the mind map tool to visualize your objective and divide it into key results and tasks you’ll need to achieve it

The objective maps not only give you a visual of what it takes to achieve your goal, but also help team members and stakeholders visualize the processKeepSolid Goals gives you the tools you need to create clear plans that achieve your objectives.Keep all project information organized and updated on the Worksheet tab where you can assign tasks, priority, and due dates

Buy Keepsolid Goals Lifetime Deal for $39.00

KeepSolid Goals

With KeepSolid Goals, you can clearly and easily manage tasks through their life cycle.Using Kanban boards, your team can plan sprints, optimize your workflow, and track progress in an organized way

Simply drag and drop tasks across columns, moving them from To Do, Analysis, In Progress, Review, and Done to update the status of tasks.Kanban boards are easy to use and help ensure your team is on the same page when it comes to task status and project progress

And KeepSolid Goals lets you seamlessly visualize your key results and tasks with the Timeline feature.Your Timeline provides a big-picture view of your projects, tasks, and results, making it easy to develop and monitor progress for long-term plans

Get Appsumo Keepsolid Goals in the Deal for $39.00

Using measurable success criteria is the best way to achieve your objective with a specific KPI within the planned time and budget.That’s why KeepSolid Goals gives you access to the data you need to have better control over your progress and success.On the Reports tab, you can easily monitor the progress of your team and individual team members

KeepSolid Goals gives you the tools you need to strategize, plan, and track your team’s progress in an organized way.And with sleek timelines and Kanban boards, your goals, progress, and success are easy to visualize

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