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Laxis Pitchground: It captures conversations intelligently with simple transcription and personalized templates to help you extract insights, action items from and across meetings. Since online conference calls have become the norm for meetings, you need an intelligent meeting assistant to keep up with your meetings and maximum output.

This tool is an intelligent meeting assistant that captures conversations intelligently to make your meetings more productive and enjoyable. Laxis takes notes while you focus on the conversation and capture each attendee’s comments verbatim, and flag items for follow-up.

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Capture clear and consistent actions – Laxis captures meeting outcomes with an accurate record that can be sent to each attendee. Decisions and next steps are laid out using personalized or standard meeting templates.

In-Meeting: Real-Time Transcription and Tagging – You can use your microphone to record and transcribe live conversations, phone calls, or video chats in real-time.

Smart Summaries – Laxis uses its proprietary NLP technology and artificial intelligence to extract information based on your personalized template and generate a summary for distribution.

Click here to buy Laxis Pitchground Lifetime Deal at $49

Insight Management – Based on your template, Laxis put your conversation into categories. Then, based on your topics, Laxis groups your key quotations together. Quickly find key quotes based on these topics and keywords.

Laxis Benefits

  • Spend more time on each other and less time on note-taking. Laxis allows workers to think more strategically versus clerical.
  • Reinforce Meeting Outcomes. Laxis sends meeting notes in one click at the end of every meeting.
  • Make better decisions to grow your business. Make more intelligent decisions from AI-powered insights.

Laxis Review


  • Google Meet integration is easy

  • Chrome extension works

  • No-fuss tagging system

  • The insights section takes you straight to the conversation snippets of greatest importance


  • Requires Zoom Pro license for Zoom meetings

  • Manually adding tags to the transcript after the meeting resulted in a few rage clicks

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