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Makezu Pitchground: With thousands of tweets happening every second, this shows how actively people are using Twitter as a conversation platform to build their identity. And for businesses, these conversations can prove to be a valuable source of customer insights.

How you style your Tweets and engage with your audience on Twitter is highly effective for establishing your brand personality and growing awareness. With Twitter, you can cultivate your own and your business’ brand following and generate leads. Grow and monetize your Twitter account, and the smart way is by using this tool.

Click here to buy Makezu Pitchground Lifetime Deal at $69

Key Moment – If the best time to drive conversions for your business is a specific Key life moment, pick a Key Life Moment to create your campaign and get started

Make your links’ preview eye-catchy – Choose a picture to upload, add a custom title and description & get more clicks.

 Grow Your Twitter – Engage your Twitter audience with smart content henceforth while simultaneously keeping up with the latest trends in your industry. Create Auto-Post automation, add keywords from your industry, choose the language and launch your automation.

Unfollow undesirable users – Automatically unfollow unwanted users who don’t match your brand the best. It increases authority and credibility since your account has engaging followers.

Click here to buy Makezu Pitchground Lifetime Deal at $69

Send Auto-Welcome Message to promote your Brand – Engage with your new followers and make them feel noticed on a personal level, increase your brand awareness, and build a better customer channel.

Makezu Benefits

  • DMs and sequences to reach out to hidden audiences
  • Auto-Follow competitors followers
  • Auto-Retweet best tweets
  •  Build relevant and accurate audiences
  •  Add a new acquisition funnel to reach out to hidden audiences
  • Gain Followers

Makezu Pitchground Review


  • A lot of Twitter automation is available

  • Evergreen tweets

  • Option to schedule direct message to followers


  • UI/UX is not great

  • A lot of automation/recipes do not work as expected

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