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Publer:Publer takes all the chaos of social media posting and consolidates it into one stress-free platform.Publer lets you schedule up to 500 posts at the same time using a multi-post creator, a bulk media uploader, a CSV file, or an RSS feed. The RSS auto-import feature also lets you schedule new content for increased control

Pick the best times for your content, or let Publer take the wheel and schedule posts for you after you define a posting schedule.There’s even the option to automatically recycle posts after a certain time—that way, you can make production easier or remind your followers about an upcoming event

Buy Publer Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Simply create a base post, then customize and preview it for each social network, saving you loads of time.You can also easily watermark all photos and videos with your logo to make sure shares are benefitting your brand, as well as tag a location for quick navigation.

You’ve got complete control of your posts after they hit the networks, too.Schedule three different types of callback actions to boost engagement: follow up comments, auto shares, and auto deletes.Get those hashtags going in follow up comments, take advantage of your other channels with auto share, and clean up expired promotions with auto delete.

The hashtag generator even offers relevant suggestions, letting you sit back and relax. Publer is social media on autopilotPubler also makes it easy to collaborate by designating teams.Teams are separate entities, each with their own social accounts, posts, and analytics.

Get Appsumo Publer in the Deal for $49.00

Control the roles and permission levels for streamlined workflows, plus set approval requirements for posting.With the media library, all your files will be organized in one place, and you can even import from Google Drive, Dropbox, Unsplash, or your desktop

Whether you’re a digital marketing team or one person doing the work of an entire digital marketing team social media can be a real time sink.Why waste time duplicating a post across all your social channels, only to do the same thing a few hours later for the next post?Publer lets you schedule content, follow it up, and analyze your strategies

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