Buy ShortPixel Appsumo Lifetime Deal At $ 49.00


Previous round I bought only one code thinking it would be enough for my sites. The number of sites I have to look after had eventually grown, I started to run out of credits almost every month. I got angry with myself thinking why didn’t I buy more codes, lo and behold, the deal came back! Without a blink, I bought max stacks

Been using ShortPixel for several years. This is the second time stacking codes. It’s the best image optimizer out there when you look at the file size reduction and the quality of the images


started using ShortPixel about 2 years ago and have been happy with the product, support and features. I primarily use it on WordPress sites so if you have or plan to have a website – image optimization is a must and this makes it easy even for custom sites

only negative is that you cannot see how much data you use on the CDN. I contacted support to find this out, and while they never said we would get something soon, they did say they wish there was better transparency in the CDN. So I hope this gets fixed and we can see and track usage

Get Appsumo Shortpixel in the Deal for $49.00

Without this plugin, they would load 3-4 meg files and wonder why their sites load slowly. With Short Pixel, I don’t need to go into Photoshop and compress files. It does the job for me

WP Smush was slow, confusing at times and I wasn’t very happy with the results.ShortPixel on the other hand is straightforward and it just works!I’ve been using it with my Briefcase account but I just bought to raise my limits.It’s a great tool you should add to all your and your clients’ sites

And I also read that this time, Shortpixel bring something new and more great deals than previous yearsI read alot people complain about the previous deal and this one, and I see how shortpixel try to answer every single one of them and didnt leave them behind

Really amazing to see ShortPixel again with even a better deal than last time! It’s really a superb image optimiser and the amount of plugins they now have that integrate flawlessly with WordPress just makes it excellent! Stacked various codes and surely have enough for the time being

This is the first time I use this product. I have a very positive experience so far! I usually compressed my images before I upload to the website such as JPEGmini. But somehow ShortPixel manages to reduce the total file size by over 40%. It’s like a magician

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