Buy Appsumo Life Time Deal At $ 59.00

85 lets you get started super quickly over 1,000 predesigned video templates.The templates come in multiple formats with handy filters that help you select the best fit for your industry or occasion.Swap the sample footage with your own or browse from over 200 million stock assets to find the perfect match

video makes video design way easier with over 30 video layouts.Choose from collages, frames, color gradients, borders, and more to give your videos that professional edge.You can even add animated text and GIFs to catch viewers’ attention—plus, these layouts are perfect for sparking your own content ideas

Buy Life time Deal for $59.00

video’s auto-captioning toolkit is powered by advanced speech recognition technology, so you’ll get high-quality captions right off the bat.Plus, you can change the caption style, font, and color before resizing your captioned videos for all platforms with one click

You can customize the landing pages for eye-catching elements and add headlines, descriptions, and calls-to-action for better conversions.Your content will be front and center with no random ads or suggested videos stealing your shine

Get Appsumo in the Deal for $ 59.00

video lets you incorporate your awesome new videos to your email campaigns, too.Just input the auto-generated line of code into your email marketing platform, and a stylized thumbnail is added to the body of the email in the right size and format.The thumbnail links straight to your video landing page

You need videos for your marketing campaigns, but low-quality efforts just won’t do gives you hundreds of templates, millions of media assets, and customizable landing pages for top-tier videos with way less effort.Sit back and give your marketing campaigns that extra boost

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