Buy WiserNotify Appsumo LifeTime Deal At $69.00 at Black Friday Offer


WiserNotify:WiserNotify will have you up and running in minutes with its pixel code install, which works with website and page-building tools.You’ll have access to live visitor feeds and recent sales notifications that show customers your brand is more popular than even Regina George

Let your inner designer run wild!WiserNotify offers over 60 notification templates to choose from, all ready to be customized.Control the image, shape, background, animation, size, and so much more, for that perfect brand fit.You can also implement the language translator to show your international customers some love, as well as add interactive calls-to-action to get clicks and convert buyers.

Buy WiserNotify Lifetime Deal for $69.00


WiserNotify lets you get the right message to the right people, every time.Decide how and when to show your notifications with WiserNotify’s robust display options.You’ll be able to target specific audiences with real-time data pulled from integration with over 150 platforms.

Plus, you’ll know exactly how well your new notifications are doing with WiserNotify’s analytics and reports.Access detailed insights on conversion rates, with goal trackers that give you the heads-up that you’re crushing your targets.

There’s also notification performance data which displays the number of visitors, impressions, hover, and clicks, plus analytics on each notification to show visitor responses.The secret to your success is clear with WiserNotify.

Get Appsumo WiserNotify in the Deal for $69.00

Agencies, you may feel like WiserNotify was made specifically for you.The platform is white-label friendly, allowing you to use it for your clients and enhance marketing campaigns super quickly.Add staff accounts to allocate work and tag-team larger projects for optimum results.Get ready for a major bump in business after future clients see all those testimonials on your site

Let your site visitors know that you’ve got customers and fans galore, and you can bet people will hop onto the bandwagon.WiserNotify gives you tons of customizable notifications, along with targeted display settings and easy integration with other platforms.

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