Cathay Life vs Taiyuan Basketball ream 11 Prediction


CA vs TY : In Chinese Taipei, SBL Women – 2020, Taiyuan Women (TY) holds the second position in the league standings with 0.455 winning percentage. So far, they have played 11 matches, in which they won 5 matches and lost 6 matches. Out of 11 matches, they scored 754 total-points for the team and against the team is 884 points. In the last match, they played against the team Chunghwa Telecom Women (CHT) on May 28th, in which CHT has won the game with the score of 87, whereas TY has been stuck with only 58 points.

Prior to this match, they played against the team Taiwan Power Women (TP) on May 27th, in which TP has scored 64 points, while TY has been stuck with 59 points only, which ended in a defeat for TY. Their stats in the last five matches are L L W L W. TY, being at the decent position now – They should perform better in the upcoming matches, so that they can move top position in this tournament. Let’s see whether they will move to top position in the points table or not.

CA vs TY

Cathay Life vs Taiyuan  – Key Players Team News

  • Pin Lo
  • Chen Yu-Chun
  • Lin Yu-Ting
  • Wei-An Chen

Taiyuan – Key Players

  • Hsiao-Tong Peng
  • Ching Cho
  • Lin Wen-Yu

Cathay Life vs Taiyuan – Team Squad

Cathay Life (CA):

Huang Fan-Shan, Jou-Chen Huang, Pin Lo, Chen Yu-Chun, Wu Yi-Ting, Zheng Yi-Xiu, Han Ya-En, Lan Hao-Yu, Ling-Chuan Huang, Li You-Ruei, Lin Yu-Ting, Wang Wei-Lin, Ou Jie, Wei-An Chen, Yang Qing

Taiyuan (TY):

Chen Yi-Feng, Lin Wan-Yu, Shen Hsin, Hsiao-Tong Peng, Zhang Xin-Ke, Ching Cho, Chen Ting-Yu, Feng Xin-Lian, Hsieh Jung-Chu, Liu Jun-Yi, Wu Ying Jie, Lin Wen-Yu, Tsai Pei-Chen

Cathay Life vs Taiyuan – Probable Lineups

Cathay Life:

Huang Fan-Shan (PG), Zheng Yi-Xiu (SG), Ling-Chuan Huang (SF), Lin Yu-Ting (PF), Wei-An Che (C)


Lin Wan-Yu (PG), Hsiao-Tong Peng (SG), Ching Cho (SF), Hsieh Jung-Chu (PF), Lin Wen-Yu (C)

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