Central Government planned to procurement of 25 crore Covid-19 vaccine by the end of July


The central government plans to procure about 25 crore vaccines by the end of July. Accordingly, 12 crore Covishield vaccines and the remaining number are said to be Covaxin and Sputnik-V vaccines.

Following that, another 30 crore vaccines are to be procured in August and September. Various states have blamed the shortage on the corona vaccine. In this context, the Central Government has intensified the procurement process with a view to ensuring uninterrupted distribution of vaccines.

In this case, the Supreme Court has condemned you for not saying what is right for the cause of the federal government in the corona vaccine case. The court voluntarily inquired into the different prices set for the vaccines. At the time, the judges questioned on what basis you determined that the central government would provide the vaccine free of charge to those over 45 years of age and the fee for vaccinations for those between 18 and 44 years of age.

Central Government planned to procurement of 25 crore Covid-19 vaccine by the end of July

The judges, who said it was unacceptable for the state and central governments to set different prices, advised not to take affidavits and to submit government policy documents. Further, the judges ruled that the villages were being ignored in the current vaccination policies and ordered that it be amended and submitted within two weeks.

In this situation, due to the shortage of vaccines in Tamil Nadu, corona vaccination work will be stopped from June 3 to 5, said Health Secretary Radhakrishnan.

Tamil Nadu People’s Welfare Department officials held a consultation with Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan yesterday regarding the corona vaccine situation prevailing in the state. The meeting was attended by Tamil Nadu Health Secretary Radhakrishnan and Public Health Director Selvavinayakam.

Health officials spoke to Rajesh Bhushan via video from the DMS premises in Teynampet, Chennai. Speaking to reporters after the consultation meeting, Radhakrishnan said he hoped the remaining one lakh seventy-four thousand doses in the allocation for this month would come soon.

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