Chartmat Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Chartmat Review: Chartmat lets you build dashboards, apps, and forms using real-time data from Google Sheets. But without a fast and accessible way to see your metrics and build reports, it’s impossible to make data-driven decisions in your business.

Chartmat provides a powerful, mobile-friendly, and responsive frontend to Google Sheets that lets you build boards using different block types, including charts, tables, forms and grids. The blocks always synchronize in real-time with Google Sheets, making them the perfect replacement for management reports.

Click Hear to Buy Chartmat Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Charts allow users to aggregate and display data in a chart with fully customizable axes, colors, and scales. With grids, you can highlight data representations, especially images, in a way that your end users are sure to love. And you can even build small stores on top of Chartmat.

Write data from browser forms into your Google Sheet and customize the input format of your Chartmat forms based on your individual needs.  With these forms, you’ll even be able to upload images, such as receipts, directly into Google Sheets.

Customize your board header through HTML and CSS and display your company logo for a sweet branding moment. And to really level up your board, you can also change the background color of your boards and the display color of any internal element.

Right now, your data looks about as straightforward as someone miming the plot of Inception in a game of charades. Chartmat lets you visualize your data using Google Sheets, so you can make all your business decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Click Hear to Buy Chartmat Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Features Plans 

    • Embed boards and blocks (via iframe)

    • Synced with private sheets

    • Separate user permissions for each workspace (shareable with clients and teammates)

    • Full customization (add your brand colors and board name)

    • No Chartmat branding

    • Access to all templates

    • Integrations: Zapier, KonnectzIT, Pabbly Connect, and any other tool that integrates with Google Sheets

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