ChatFox Review: Appsumo Offer in $39.00


ChatFox Review:

ChatFox increases employee engagement with a Slack chatbot that builds remote team culture. Remote teams that only engage through projects, tasks, and deadlines do not foster a culture around shared values and goals. Build a strong remote team culture, improve remote team productivity, and eliminate team member isolation. Use icebreakers, coffee chats, and Shout Outs to engage your team. Use employee insights, skills endorsements, and team feedback to increase internal mobility.

ChatFox is a Slack app that builds a remote team culture.With today’s work from home environment, it is nearly impossible to have meaningful conversations and build professional relationships with your team.

Sitting at home alone creates a feeling of isolation and distance from your team and its goals.Use ChatFox to enable meaningful conversations and reinforce your company values.

Their automated team Icebreakers, Coffee Chats, and Shout Outs encourage participation and increase team engagement.Each chat can be customized to meet your unique team’s needs with a controllable cadence, automated coffee chat bookings, custom questions, and custom skills.


20 Team members maximum capacity (based on Slack team members)

ChatFox for Slack to increase your team engagement

Keep all of the chats in one central channel for your whole team to enjoy

Team icebreakers

Team coffee chats

Team recommendations

Team member profiles

Admin tools in Slack

Rewards for engaged participants

ChatFox engagement charts

Built-in time zone algorithms

Configure your chats and customize your content

Get Appsumo ChatFox in the Deal for $39.00

Overall: i’m very satisfied with my experience so far. It’s a great tool to use for team building
Pros: product has great integrations and is very easy to use
Cons: I have not encountered yet any cons currently while using the product
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