Chinandega vs Real Esteli Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


CN vs RE : In Nicaragua, Torneo Carlos Ulloa 2020, Chinandega the ninth position in the league points table. In the total of 16 matches played, CN has taken 8 victories and 8 defeats, so far. CN has managed to score 24 points for the team. In the last match, CN has played against Boaco, in which CN has won the game with the score of 114-44 points. Before this match, CN has faced off against Masatepe, in which CN has won the match with the score of 40-83 points. The path of CN in the past five games is L W L W W. CN must continue on this winning streak, so that they can move further forward in the tournament standings.

Brumas Real Esteli takes the fourth position in the Nicaragua, Torneo Carlos Ulloa standings of 2020. RE has taken part in the total of 15 matches, out of which RE has succeeded in 14 matches and defeated in 1 match. RE has managed to score 29 points in their account. In the recent match, RE has matched up against Juigalpa, in which RE has won the game with the score of 96-61 points. Previous to this game, RE has played against Costa Caribe, in which RE has won the game with the score of 56-66 points. The stats of RE in the recent five matches are W W W W W. With the winning streak of nine, at the moment, we can look forward to many wins in the upcoming matches, which would help them in moving to the top of the table.

CN vs RE

Chinandega vs Real Esteli Team News


  • Jorge Blanco Lazo
  • Carlos Cano Cruz
  • Mauricio Lopez
  • Ladin Navarro Paniagua

Real Esteli

  • Dalton Cacho
  • Sharlon Hodgson
  • Yasir Cruz
  • Jose Reyes

Chinandega vs Real Esteli- Team Squad


Jorge Blanco Lazo, Leonel Garcia, Carlos Bejarano Baltodano, Emmanuel Paredes Prado, Ladin Navarro Paniagua, Keneth Aviles, Carlos Cano Cruz, Michael Siwzar Mora, Ricardo Vega Zamora, Carlos Cano Flores, Kerling Zelaya Mesa, Kelvin Urrecho Espinozo, Marvin Garcia, Mauricio Lopez, Frank Soto Argullo.

Real Esteli:

Jose Reyes, Gabriel Guerrero Navarrete, Andy Hodgson Williams, Adonis Garcia, Yassir Cruz, Milton Hernandez, Farrell Pauth, Jilmer Castillo, Jeydon Hulse Forbes, Argels Salzar, Dalton Cacho, Sharlon Hodgson, Jonathan Jimenez, Andy Perez, Jensen Campbell

Chinandega vs Real Esteli – Playing 5


Kerling Zelaya Meza, Ricardo Vega Zamora, Mauricio Lopez, Ladin Navarro Paniagua, Jorge Blanco Lazo

Real Esteli:

Farrell Pauth, Yassir Cruz, Jensen Campbell, Dalton Cacho, Sharlon Hodgson


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