Chinese Taipei vs Japan Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


CT vs JPN : In the FIBA Asia Cup, Chinese Taipei is facing off against Japan for the Pre-Qualifiers match of the tournament. Chinese Taipei has been classified under Group B division, in which CT takes the top place in the standings. In the total of one match played, CT has managed to take a victory in it. In the recent match, CT has matched up against Malaysia, in which CT has won the game with a score of 152-48 points. It seems like CT had a tremendous win, in the past game. Let’s see whether CT manages to continue their winning streak in the forthcoming match, as well.

In FIBA Asia Cup, Japan has not played its first match yet. The first match has been matched up against China, but the game has been canceled. JPN also comes under the Group B division, in this tournament. Let’s just hope no excuses come to interrupt their upcoming pre-qualifier match. Let’s see whether they try to showcase their talent or become prey to the predator.


Chinese Taipei vs Japan – Team Squad

Chinese Taipei:

Chen Ying-Chun, Huang Jhen, Chiang Yu-An, Chou Po-Chen, Lee Chi-Wei, Yu Huan-Ya, Hu Long-Mao, Chou Yi-Hsiang, Huang Hung-Han, Wu Yung-Cheng, Lu Cheng-Ju, Huang Tsung-Han, Su Yi-Chin, Hsieh Zong-Rong, Tseng Hsiang-Chun, Chen Kuan-Chuan

Japan :

Leo Vendrame, Yuki Togashi, Seiya Ando, Shuto Ando, Daiki Tanaka, Makoto Hiejima, Tenketsu Harimoto, Kosuke Hashimoto, Ryan Rossiter, Joji Takuechi, Avi Koki-Schafer, Kosuke Takuechi,


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