Chunghwa Telecom vs Taiwan Power Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


CHT vs TP : In Chinese Taipei, SBL Women 2020, Chunghwa Telecom has been scheduled to face off against Taiwan Power, for the next match of the season. CHT has recently matched up against Taiwan Power, in which CHT has struggled to score only 61 points for the team, while the opponent has managed to score 78 points, which ended in a defeat for CHT. Prior to this match, CHT has faced off against Taiyuan, in which CHT has scored only 68 points, whereas TY has managed to score 83 points, which ended in a defeat for CHT. The path of CHT in the past five games is W W L L L. CHT must get back on victory track, so that they can move to the top part of the league standings.

On the other hand, Taiwan Power has taken a recent win, when matched up against Chunghwa Telecom, with the score of 61-78 points. Before this match, TP has played against Cathay Life, in which TP has struggled to score 35 points, while CA has managed to score 97 points, which ended in a defeat for TP. TP has taken four defeats out of five recently played matches. They have faced one victory recent win, which is totally out of the blue. Whether TP will manage to continue this winning streak or they will go back to being defeated is big question for their fans.


Chunghwa Telecom vs Taiwan Power Team News

Chunghwa Telecom

  • Szu-Chin Pan
  • Yang Shin-Hui
  • Xu Qian-Hui
  • Huang Hsiang-Ting

Taiwan Power

  • Kuo Chia-Wen
  • Yu Ke-Shi
  • Liu Xiye
  • Yang Zhiyu

Chunghwa Telecom vs Taiwan Power – Team Squad

Chunghwa Telecom:

Yu-Ting Huang, Huang Hong-Ying, Szu-Chin Pan, Liu Hui-Ju, Wen Qi, Huang Zihan, Liu Jia-Wei, Yang Shin-Hui, Lin Yushu, Xu Qian-Hui, Xie Pei-Jun, Huang Hsiang-Ting

Taiwan Power:

Kuo Chia-Wen, Lai Xin-Yu, Yuzhen Zhuang, Peng Huizhen, Yu Ke-Shi, Lin Yi-Jun, Li Yixuan, Lin Jiaci, Su-Yi Rou, Chun-Huan Li, You-Jing Jhang, Wu Yi-Xuan, Chen Yijun, Liu Xiye, Liu Yi-Chun, Xin Yizhi, Li Ya-Jie, Yang Zhiyu

Chunghwa Telecom vs Taiwan Power – Playing 5

Chunghwa Telecom:

Pan, Xu, Wang, Huang, Wen

Taiwan Power:

Guo, Li, Wu, You, Chen

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