CivicFeed Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $49.00


CivicFeed Review: CivicFeed is an organization monitoring software that utilizes advanced AI technology to scour the web for keyword alerts and mentions. It is simple and easy to set up, requiring only three steps for you to tailor your search and configure your results. Once you are finished with that, you can also apply powerful filters that allow you to limit results to news and data sources that are relevant to you. As such, you only have to deal with alerts and mentions that are legitimate.

CivicFeed has superior coverage of news and online publications. Because aside from monitoring social media platforms, local news, and online outlets, the solution also has access to government filings like local city council minutes. Thus, you can expect to know whenever a competitor, organization, topic, cause, or keyword relevant to you is posted.

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CivicFeed Review

CivicFeed Position In Our Categories

Since businesses have particular business demands, it is sensible that they avoid picking an all-encompassing, “perfect” software solution. Just the same, it is almost impossible to find such a software product even among popular software systems.
The rational step to do is to take note of the varied main functions that necessitate careful thought such as critical features, price plans, skill levels of the users, company size, etc. Thereafter, you must conduct the research comprehensively. Go over some CivicFeed evaluations and look over the other software options in your shortlist more closely. Such comprehensive product investigation ensure you avoid ill-fitting apps and select the system that offers all the function your company requires to be successful.


Online news, TV + social media monitoring in real-time

CivicFeed’s media monitoring platform scours millions of news, social media, government webpages and tv/radio broadcasts to help you understand public opinion, stay up-to-date on your competitors and industry, or find journalists to talk to.

Buy AppSumo CivicFeed Lifetime Deal for $49!

CivicFeed Review – $49 Appsumo Lifetime Deal

As a rule,  access will cost you 100’s of dollars every year,  but today a great deal available!. When you go to the deal from this page, you will be able to purchase the lifetime deal for a one time payment! That’s right, you pay once, and get to use the product for as long as it exists. Exactly how much you will save is almost impossible for us to estimate precicely, but if you are paying regularly for another product that does the same, this may be just the right offer for you!

Normally, this is valued at $888. But with this amazing deal, you can get Lifetime access to CivicFeed’s Individual Plan for just $49!

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