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clickminded Review: The ClickMinded SEO course has been totally redone. And while I haven’t had the chance to go through everything yet, it looks a LOT better then what I had reviewed previously. So in all fairness, the review I posted below is not accurate and I would not base your decision on whether to purchase this course on it.

Also, this course is very easy to understand. SEO can be a complicated subject, so if SEO is something you’d don’t yet understand or are intimidated by, then you’ll appreciate what a great job Tommy does of making this easy to understand.

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clickminded Review

A few months later, the class was rolling, and the dean of HULT San Francisco gave me a call and asked if I wanted to teach an elective. Since I had offered to do a few guest lectures, it put me on their radar. This was super interesting, because it was a graduate level class, and I definitely didn’t go to grad school.

clickminded Review

  • Launched the course on Udemy.
  • Gave everyone in the meetup group a promo code to get the class for free
  • Encouraged them to share with friends
  • Emphasized that the offer was ending in 48 hours
  • Sent a “last chance” email with a few hours left
  • Emailed everyone that signed up a few days later and asked for reviews

Outside of this, I also did the standard act of spamming a few close friends and asking them for reviews on Udemy.

The early days of ClickMinded

Towards the end of 2011, I had asked if I could lead one of the monthly marketing classes that were open for anyone to teach at PayPal. The entire marketing org was obligated, once a month, to “refine their marketing skills” and learn about a subject they generally knew nothing about. I put together a 2-hour “Introduction to SEO” course with a colleague of mine, and it went really well

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Clickminded Features

  • Learn SEO from the most comprehensive course on the market
  • Drive more traffic and sales from search engines to your site as quickly as possible
  • Over-the-shoulder walkthroughs that show you exactly how to implement SEO strategies
  • 6.5 hours of content, unlimited lifetime access and free updates for life
  • Lifetime Access to the ClickMinded SEO Course
  • Lifetime Access to the ClickMinded Sales Funnel Course
  • 3 months of access to the ClickMinded SOP Library
  • Free updates for life
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.
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