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Columns Pitchground: Column is a one-stop-shop to streamline your data insights communication. It’s easy to use, simple to design, and safe to share. Every business people can use it without technical assistance.

Unlike traditional BI tools such as Tableau and Power BI, Columns is a pure web platform where you get your job done completely in your browser.

More importantly, Columns is the one-stop-shop for data insights communication, it helps you navigate the whole communication process frictionlessly:

  1. transform data into the insights
  2. design insights to a data story
  3. communicate data story to your audience

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Columns Pitchground

In a full product cycle, you will expect all the jobs to be done easily on a fully self-serve basis, even if you don’t have any technical assistance.

Columns have the most cost-effective implementation in the cloud, hence, don’t be surprised when you get your job beautifully done on Columns for free while others pay hundreds of bucks to purchase licenses and learn complicated systems like Tableau, Power BI, or Looker. You’re clearly a winner here.

Traditional BI tools are expensive, complicated (to learn and use), and do not help us to get data insights communication done in one place with seamless collaboration.

As a result, we usually need to hire technical people to get meaningful insights, and it takes a long time to change back and forth, furthermore, if you want to communicate the work, you need to import/export, copy/paste the work to another tool (eg. PowerPoint), this whole process costs you too much time, energy and money.

Click Here to Buy Columns Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $59

Columns are created for you to get the communication done in one place, regardless of how technical you are. On Columns, you connect to any type of data you have, review the auto-generated insights in a visual graph, update data analysis through drag/drop or clicks, design your message in-place, chat or share the progress with your peers, at last, save and publish your work securely.

You get the job done right there in one place, in 5 minutes.

Columns are built to deal with a wide range of situations, these are some highlights organized by work type

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