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Comparium PitchGround: A Cross-Browser website testing tool that runs the website testing of your web apps. It will help to check for potential visual bugs in different operating systems and resolutions. It will save you from introducing a lot of unnecessary software and buying costly equipment.

Сomparium is a set of online tools that allows you to test the visual part of a site or application on most platforms and browsers. The service will show you the most modest differences in site versions for each of the browsers. It will save resources on computer and mobile devices capabilities.

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Comparium PitchGround
Comparium PitchGround

Comparium is a powerful assistant like a Question and Answer that will help you keep track and run tests on your clients’ websites performance and bugs in various browsers, browser versions, and platforms.

It also allows performing visual and functional quality assurance of website pages under different operating systems, browsers, and their versions, as if they were installed on a user’s computer.

Click here to buy Comparium PitchGround Yearly Deal at $49

Comparium Benefits

  • Save resources on computer and mobile devices capabilities
  • Check multiple pages at the same time.
  • Reduce testing time and time-saving on maintaining different virtual machines for every OS and browser combination
  • Can do Live interaction with a website under any chosen OS, browser, and version
  • Get Screenshots comparison of website visual appearance in different browsers.
  • Help with automatic detection of visual differences in website appearance
  • Understand the Comparison with uploaded design mock-ups in image format
  • Run tests of the web pages behind web authentication or login screens
  • Optimization of your testing processes.
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