ConectoHub Pitchground Discount: Lifetime Deal for $59.00


ConectoHub Pitchground: Managing a team or being a part of a management team, both are challenging. Furthermore, executing the plans and strategies can be overwhelming. To improve the workflow and manage the team’s OKR’s & productivity, this tool will help you automate the process.

Unified Productivity And Goal Management Tool Designed To Help You Connect Your Business Strategies And Execution Using Project, Task, & Team Management. ConectoHub enables you to work efficiently and create alignment around ambitious goals. All strategic goals and initiatives for achieving these goals on the same platform.

OKR System Integrated With Work Management – With OKR System Integrated with Work Management, you can link your Key Results with your daily tasks and projects.

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is companies’ goal-setting methodology to track team activities. With OKR System Integrated with Work Management, you can link up your Key Results with your daily tasks and projects, see the progress automatically and ensure that all teams are working collaboratively on goals that matter.

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See the progress automatically and ensure that all teams work collaboratively on goals that matter. You can also connect your data with Google Sheet, Excel, Airtable, etc., to make remote Key Result Check-ins or link your issues, tasks, and other items such as Jira, Trello, Asana, etc.

Project & Task Management – Follow your projects, assign tasks to your team members, set deadlines & priorities to be aligned with your colleagues.

Reduce repetitive work using automated features & instant reports. Get notifications for every task and update.

Instant Reports – Instant reports and collaborative analysis allow you to see data immediately. With instant reports, you can critically analyze anomalies, opportunities for growth, productive stages of your organization. Organizations’ success is dependent on the productivity of each employee, team and overall organizations’ productivity.

Mobile App – Manage your work, assign and organize tasks using the app via Play Store or App Store.

Want To Know More Features?

  • List View – List view is sections that organize a list like an excel sheet, so project details are easier to navigate. By list view, you can easily manage your projects.
  • Advanced Search – Advanced search is the easiest way for finding any task, project, person, team, or tag in your workspace.
  • Kanban View – Kanban board is a useful way for workflow visualization, managing processes, and gaining an overview of your workload.
  • File View – File view is the best way to organize your work files. Don’t spend your time sifting through digital files.
  • Gantt View – Gantt view is a way of project management visually representing a project plan over time, illustrates a project schedule.
  • Project Reports – Project reports are visual summaries of projects and allow you to visualize projects through charts and graphs. Keep you informed of your project’s progress, costs, risk, and work of your project with real-time data. In addition, you can compare the progress of a project against the plan.

  • Custom Templates – Any team can create a project from an existing project like marketing, support, HR, and more. With custom templates, you can use best practices and save time.
  • Guest Users – If you have customers, vendors, or other stakeholders who need to collaborate on your project. You can invite participants who don’t need full ConectoHub access to your projects, they can join as guests. With guest users, you can eliminate emails, meetings, or telephone calls for organizing your work.
  • Project Portfolios – Project portfolios are a collection of projects, the high-level overview offers the critical data in a simple, easy-to-use format.
  • Task Management – It helps teams track tasks from the beginning, setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and assigning them to the right people or team. You can easily assign tasks to multiple assignees or teams.
  • Recurring Tasks – You can set a task that repeats daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or the frequency of how often you want a task to be repeated. That allows teams are informed and get a status update at the time and date you set.
  • Subtasks – You can break your tasks into smaller subtasks and organize them with multiple steps. You can also use subtasks as a checklist.
  • 360 Degree Feedback System – 360 Degree Feedback System provides each employee the opportunity to give and receive feedback. Continuous feedback improves the engagement and motivation of the team.

Click Here to Buy ConectoHub Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $59.00

  • Milestones – Milestones are major progress points that must be reached and accomplished. Milestones are the most important signs of project progress. You can track your project with milestones.
  • Multiple Assignees – More people and teams can be assigned tasks and projects.
  • Due Dates & Notifications – Set deadlines and with in-app & email notifications, never miss updates and changes. Do not waste your time by following your work.
  • Team Management – Create your teams and assign them tasks, projects or designate teams’ objectives. It is a faster and easier way to work.
  • Automations – Automations are project essentials based on any trigger like moving tasks to the done section automatically. By using automations, you can reduce error and increase productivity.
  • Weighted Objectives & Key Results – Weighted Objectives & Key Results helps organizations define the importance of every objective and key result. By weighted objectives & key results, you can analyze different user-team-company hierarchies goal progress levels. You can access the performance of all the hierarchies in the organization based on work output instantly

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