Connected Appsumo Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $49.00


Connected Review: The basic premise of Connected is certainly intriguing and features a great hook. Science journalist Latif Nasser takes on an almost child-like fascination to the world as he enthusiastically looks at the world. With a consistent motif of connections, the topics range from nukes, surveillance and even excrement in a bid to explore how we’re connected together and the universe as a whole.

The constant monologues only accentuate any issues some people may have with the tone and it’s certainly not helped by some exaggerated facial expressions in the field. Seeing Nasser standing with his mouth wide open in a cave and shaking his head in disbelief or grinning cartoonishly in an art museum gives the feel that you’re watching a Weird Al Yankovic parody.

Buy Connected Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Connected Review

“The Deal Connect event was well organized, efficient, and offered a good mix of both familiar faces and new contacts. One of the independent sponsors we were introduced to there (S Group) shared an opportunity with us shortly after our meeting that fit our criteria perfectly. Together, we diligence and successfully closed on that investment within a few months and are off to a great start in our partnership.”

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– Strong culture with the opportunity to grow – Management listens and takes on board the opinions of employees – A lot of work is being done behind the scenes to take Connected forward – Strong pipeline of cool new projects – A lot of transparency into future projects – Working with Smart, Kind, Reliable people – Always the opportunity to learn new skills


– Benefits are being explored and worked on so looking forward to these being increased next year.

The screen on the Tag Heuer Connected is slightly disappointing, it’s not incredibly sharp or vibrant. This is probably due to the fact it’s a transflective LCD panel, this gives is a dull matt look. This was probably a conscious decision made by Tag to make it appear more like a mechanical watch face, and in that respect, they’ve succeeded.

Get Appsumo Connected Review in the Deal for $49.00

Latif Nasser has a knack for leading in documentaries. During this Netflix series, his enthusiasm always peaks with each interview but by being encouraging, the interviewees seem to enjoy sharing their knowledge. That’s why Netflix’s Connected works. It’s a documentary series that revels in finding a connection to everything, to an in-depth degree, however, the selling point is Latif’s investigative work. It seems like he’s genuinely interested and that’s because this is his life’s work — he’s a researcher. Coupled with the fact that he also has a personality.

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