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Connected Review:Parents need to know that Connected is a science documentary series that touches on some slightly mature themes. It varies segment to segment within each episode, but some segments make reference to consensual sex between adults, mating animals, and scary topics like nuclear bombs. Some scenes have background cigarette smoking, and others show adults enjoying alcohol responsibly. There is mild language but it is not frequent.

As host Latif Nasser tweeted about his new show, Connected is “basically if Bill Nye and Anthony Bourdain had an awkward Muslim baby.” Nasser, a veteran science journalist of Radiolab podcast fame, now travels around the world to report on amazing science and technology stories. Each episode focuses on a different theme like “surveillance,” “poop,” and “digits.” For each segment, Nasser interviews experts in various science disciplines. He then explains how seemingly different stories in science and technology are actually related. For example, in the “surveillance” episode, he compares human dating apps like Tinder to ZIMS, a computer program that helps zoologists find mating pairs between animals at different zoos. He also explains how facial recognition software is used in both pig farming and for human law enforcement.

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Connected Review


  • Families can talk about how host Latif Nasser feels curious about the world around him. Did anything from the episode make you curious and inspire you to learn more?
  • Nasser also has a lot of skepticism around the way certain technologies are used. Did anything featured in the show make you feel uneasy? Why or why not?

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