ContentFries PitchGround Discount – Lifetime Deal at $97

ContentFries PitchGround Discount: Content Fries solves this problem by allowing you to create a week’s worth of repurposed content from a single video without an expensive team of production people.

With Content Fries’s easy-to-use software, you can quickly and easily create videos perfect for all your social media and advertising needs.

On average, you will be saving over 15+ hours per week and around $1500 per month on video editing when you create repurposed videos using ContentFries.

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ContentFries PitchGround Critical Stats

  • 85% of internet users enjoy video content. (Source: Hubspot)
  • Only a third of leading marketers said that they have a systematic process to reuse or repurpose content. (Source: Survey by Curata)
  • 56% said repurposing was sporadic, with 2% not repurposing content. (Source: Survey by Curata)
  • 54% of B2B buyers say they are likely to engage with short-form videos when making purchase decisions, according to Forrester Research.

ContentFries PitchGround Discount

Content Fries Use Cases:

  • Small business owners: Can hire an assistant to repurpose their interviews, webinars, live streams, etc.
  • Content Creators: Can repurpose their long-form video content.
  • Agencies & Freelancers: Create bite-sized videos with captions, content repurposing as a service.
  • Virtual Assistants: Can Simplify video creation workflow – add intros, outros to videos, images, headlines, progress bar, etc.

PitchGround Discount – Buy ContentFries PitchGround Deal at $97

With Content Fries, you can easily:

  • Add Intro/Outro: Multiply your video content and add an intro and an outro to your pieces of content. ContentFries will automatically resize them to match the aspect ratio of generated content.
  • Trim the Videos: ContentFries Trimmer can get you video content for social media faster. Just select areas with drag and drop, cut out what you don’t want to have in your videos, and more.
  • Create dozens of videos from one video: Repurpose your video content strategically and fast by dragging and dropping it on the audio timeline.
  • Automated Video Resizers: Get multiple variants of the same video – landscape, square, vertical, or any other aspect ratio you want. Choose from predefined contexts to create ideal videos for different platforms, or use your own.
  • Handy templates: Choose from a handy library of global templates, or create your template set consistent with your brand. Get dozens of video content pieces generated in a template of your choosing.

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