Contra Returns game is back: How to play 90’s kids favorite game


Contra: The most popular game of the 90’s, is now back in the gaming market with a new look called Contra Return. Yes, this game is currently introduced exclusively for smartphone users with an intimidating look and innovative 3D experience now that you might not expect.

It is worth noting that this game was previously available to play with video game consoles. After a long hiatus, Konami has again introduced this Contra game on Android and iOS platforms.

Who gets this game now? In which country this game is introduced? Check information such as how much RAM storage needs for smartphone users to play this game and all other details in this article.

Contra Returns game is back

Contra is an 8-bit game and the developers claim to be trying to stick with the original game in terms of graphics and game features. Thus, almost all mobile users have assumed that high-end telephone devices are not required. But, the thing is not like that. The company claims that smartphones have certain requirements to enable Contra Returns.

If you have all these features on your phone, you can play the Contra Returns Game smoothly. As mentioned earlier Contra Returns is available on both Android and iOS. The mobile of Contra Returns Player must meet the requirements mentioned below. First, the mobile phone must have a Snapdragon 625 chipset or higher chipset feature.

Users can play this game on any other chipset equivalent to the Snapdragon 625. Contra Returns requires at least 3GB of RAM to run the game, but users need to run the game on a computer with 4GB of RAM for smooth play. The Contra Returns game features approximately 1.2GB of storage. Players also need to download some additional files. This is why you need at least 5GB of space for your mobile to run Contra Returns smoothly.

Contra Returns will enable players to experience the same old 2D world Contra in 3D and Full HD. Your mobile must have a full HD display to fully enjoy the game. This is not mandatory as players can enjoy the game even in 720p.

How to download Contra Returns?

This game is currently being introduced in the United States. Contra returns are not yet available on the Indian Google Play Store, but Indians can download the game directly from the server.

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