Cratoflow Review: Appsumo Lifetime deal for $69.00


Cratoflow Review: Cratoflow is an automated bookkeeping platform that handles all your transactions for a real-time overview of your business’s financial health. Unfortunately hiring and training a bookkeeper is expensive and there’s still no guarantee that they’ll keep your finances as current as you need them to be.

Cratoflow’s Cratobot feature helps get your accounts in order by systematically separating each transaction by category and assigning it an account general ledger code. Best of all, the workflow’s interface and drag-and-drop capabilities make it a snap to resolve any accounting discrepancies without using multiple applications.

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Connect to your bank accounts and credit cards to instantly categorize deposits and withdrawals, as well as reconcile payment entries to invoices. You’ll also be able to identify and flag questionable activity like repeated transactions making it easy to prevent any fraudulent activity from being added to your books.

Cratoflow simplifies the daily sales verification process by letting you sync your point of sale system or use a built-in template to upload sales data. Then, Cratoflow will record the cash receipts once payments are made, verifying whether the money was received for the invoice submitted.

Cratoflow automatically tracks sales and expenditures for real-time cash flow projections—perfect for small businesses that need to know exactly where their finances stand. From the moment you see the dashboard, it’s clear Cratoflow gives you a complete picture of your business’s finances.

Cratoflow makes it simple to keep track of daily transactions, set up automated billing, and get an accurate at-a-glance picture of your business’s financial health. Getting a hold on your business finances shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to take three tigers on a walk.

Click Here to Buy Cratoflow Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Cratoflow Features Plans

Managed integrations

Custom invoices

Automated vendor bill processing

Bank reconciliations

Build and manage disputes

Withdrawal and deposit categorization


Sales order management

Sales entry posting

Product catalog

Line-item invoice recognition

AI-enabled data capturing

Automated coding of expenses

Advanced reporting

Electronic submissions

Get sales details from POS

Manage deposits and withdrawals

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