Crello Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $49.00


Crello Review: Crello is a modern-day graphic designing tool launched by Depositphotos, aimed at marketers, social media specialists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc. to create visual content for social media posts, blogs, presentations, advertisements, videos, eBooks and printed materials and so on. Crello provides users with a wide choice of templates, formats and more than 60 million images from Depositphotos. The templates and designs are created by professional web designers and are updated on a regular basis. You need not have any knowledge of graphic designing to use Crello. You simply should select a proper format and template to deliver your idea in a lucrative way.

Crello is an online tool for easily creating videos and graphic designs, for social media, print, or any other web-based graphics by using a huge collection of already designed templates and video/photo content. Start with one of 20, 000 pre-loaded modern templates, add your texts, images, and brand elements. Upload own photos or use free stock images, backgrounds, and clipart. With Crello anyone can become a creator with no special training.

Buy Crello Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Crello Review


Thus Crello is definitely an apt solution for any visual designing problem. It is perfect for preparing creative and concise articles in a short span of time. The software is quite straightforward to use and the supplied tutorials and tips assist the users to learn using Crello effortlessly. Some pros of Crello point out at its easy user-interface, instant access to a wide array of designs, stock pictures, templates, animated formats, and objects, etc. The cost structure for Crello is also acceptable. But the only negatives may be that the free plan provides limited access and the customer support may have the scope for improvement. However, taking the overall view into consideration, Crello is a useful graphic content making tool which all can use to create professional images, without being accustomed with sophisticated graphic design techniques and softwares.

Crello Review: Easily Create Static And Animated Visuals

Crello is a designing tool which lets you create images for social media, ads, banners, posters, emails, etc. Not only Crello lets you create images but animated projects as well. It has a large library of design formats which come in handy for first timers and even experienced designers who want to create a quick project. You can easily create intricate designs with the visual editor on your web browser. There are plenty of features which help you create a professional design project and we will take a detailed look at all them in this article. Let’s being.

Getting Started

Crello is not only powerful, but it is also very user-friendly. It is an online tool so you don’t have to download a program on your computer to run it. You just have to create an account and start using the services on your desktop, it would only take five minutes to set everything up. It only works on the Desktop browser as of now and there’s no way to run it on an iPad or mobile.

 Photos and Backgrounds

To create an eye catchy design, you need pictures and Crello has a huge collection of both free to use and paid resources. They claim to have a database of 60 million photos which you can use directly from the web editor. You can discover images based on categories, price, or upload your own. Drag the image to the workspace and use it in your design template. You’ll only be charged if you use any paid elements in your design which is really awesome for beginners.

Downloading Project

Crello allows you to download the project in multiple file formats like JPG, PNG, PNG Transparent, PDF Standard, and PDF Print. You can also share it directly to other social media platforms as well. While There is no limit on the free projects, but if you use a paid element like an image or a background in your project, Crello would show you a final billing page before letting you download the design.

Crello Premium Options

There is no restriction on how many designs you use under the basic plan, however you are restricted in other ways. The only format available to you are animated posts that are 1080×1080 pixels in size. These designs also have a watermark and a “Created in Crello” label.

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Crello Makes Graphic Design Simple

Crello is a free graphic design tool that offers everything you need for a quick design, all in one place. Start by entering the dimensions of your desired image, and then assemble a graphic design from a set of stock images including background templates, photographs, and simple shapes such as stars or speech balloons. Insert text in a range of different fonts. When you are finished, you will be able to export your design to use on your web site or social media, or to print out.

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