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WP Reset Review: WP Reset comes from the folks at WebFactory Ltd, which is founded by Gordan Orlic. The company has several WordPress products including 301 Redirects Plugin, UnderConstructionPage Plugin, and Google Maps Widget Plugin along with a few others.

WP Reset is a product unlike many I have seen. It allows you to reset the database to remove various customizations or tables left behind by plugins you removed ages ago. But it is more than a reset plugin. Some of the features, as you will see, are pretty hand for someone who manages multiple sites.

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WP Reset review


One of the really cool things about WP Reset is the dashboard for WP Reset Pro users. From the dashboard, there are lots of things you can do include keeping track of your license, assigning them to domains, view any snapshots you have, and more.

Remember those long dark nights when you’re developing themes or building your WordPress site, and something goes irrecoverably wrong? You’d then start crying in the corner just thinking about all the trouble you need to go through just to reinstall WordPress to get a clean slate.

The plugin is really a piece of cake when it comes to use it. This require you no additional setup or registrations and works really smoothly. WordPress reset plugin have really simple way to install then run and reset the WordPress like new installation.

  1. In case you are looking for how to install new WordPress why not reset existing one?
  2. Go to WP Reset plugin’s home page and download the plugin and install it going to wp-admin >> plugins >> add new.
  3. Now in wp-admin >> tools >> You get new option WP Reset click on that option.
  4. Please read the instructions carefully and you should know database would be reset completely and there is no way to undo the reset.
  5. Important to note that your media files, themes, plugins, the current admin user you are logged in with will not be deleted. However on reset default WordPress theme will be activated just like fresh WordPress installation.
  6. Now its time to take action type word reset. The reason to type this you know what you are doing. After typing reset click the Reset WordPress button and you have got a fresh installed WordPress.

While i am writing this review WP Reset plugin have got 151 5 start ratings and reviews on Instead of sharing the review of other users being a loyal user of WP Reset plugin i would share my own review here.

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Plugin Will Not Delete Or Modify

  • All your media files which you have deleted. The wp-uploads folder untouched but will no longer be listed under Media in the admin.
  • It will not make any changes in plugins, themes, and uploads.
  • It will not change or delete site title, WordPress address, site address, site language, and search engine visibility settings.
  • The current logged user will have his or her current username and password.

It’s right, a backup allows you to completely restore an entire site. While snapshots work similar to that, they do not save all the files. Snapshots only save what’s been modified. Snapshots do not contain plugin & theme files, core files, or media files, for example. They only contain the database and the files that were affected by the change.

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