Cyber Monday Offer: Frase Review Appsumo Deal for $79.00


Frase Review:Frase’s AI-powered tools help you easily identify the questions your target audience is asking online, quickly create and optimize content capable of answering those questions, and instantly provide answers to curious or confused site visitors.

Use Frase as a content planning tool. It’s AI feature pulls data from the top-performing content on a particular search term. Based on that information, Frase tells you how long your piece on the same topic should be as well as the relevant keywords and subtopics to include in your content.

Buy Frase Lifetime Deal for $79.00

Frase Review

Until Frase came along, your only choices for getting this kind of content optimization help were MarketMuse and Clearscope. Both of these platforms are exponentially more expensive.  MarketMuse retails for $500 per month and Clearscope starts at $200 per month.  While these may be reasonable prices for an SEO content agency, they are way out of reach for solopreneurs looking for similar features

AppSumo Lifetime Offer vs Retail Offer

The AppSumo Frase review offer is giving you 100 searches per month.  This is more than the $39/mo offer of 30 searches per month and “less” than the $99/mo offer of unlimited searches. I’m a power user for sure, and I don’t think I’ll hit 100 per month if I tried.

Ask any content strategist, and they’ll tell you that their strategy involves:

  1. Researching SEO keywords
  2. Analyzing competing posts
  3. Identifying content gaps
  4. Filling in content briefs

If you’ve been at your content job for a while, you’d know this process can eat up hours to days.

Frase Review Summary

Frase is a simple and affordable content creation, curation and optimization tool.  Ideal for cash-strapped content marketers, small agencies and small business owners.


Super-affordable and loaded with features

Easy to learn and use out of the box

Outstanding curation features

Also contains an “assistant” that can collect customer questions directly from your site

Create topic briefs and share with outsourced writers on your team


This is a new platform and can get a little wonky.

There are quite a few features, and you’ll find yourself clicking from tab to tab. Might be nice to have some workflow or wizard features.

So much versatility that it will take some time to learn.

Training materials and tutorials are a bit shallow.

Disclaimer: This page might contain affiliate links. This means that whenever you make a purchase using any of my links, I may get a commission. However, this will not affect the price that you pay unless I manage to get some exclusive discounts! I only recommend products that I have used and truly believe in its quality.

Frase Pricing Plans

It includes just one user and 30 documents a month. It’s perfect for freelance content marketers and small agency owners who work on a few projects a month.For agencies and startups that produce content daily, the Growth and Answer Engine plans might be a better fit.

Get Appsumo Frase in the Deal for $79.00

Frase offers a free trial. If you’re not sure if it’s the tool you’re looking for, try it out yourself.

The free trial includes:

  • Unlimited Question Research
  • Five documents (Note: Creating one article or optimizing an existing article counts as one document.)
  • One crawl through Google Search Console
  • One Answer Engine 30-day test

Frase for content writing

I find Frase is a really vlauable tool for research for content writing. It’s been my first experience of using software to help with the research and i like the fact that it is quick and it gives me a compiled record of my sources. Its got other great features but that is why I am going to keep on using it.

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