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Happy Scribe Review:There are a lot of benefits of using subtitles and transcripts in your videos. But it can be a trek to write pages and pages of your transcript and overlay it in on your videos with a video editor. But there’s one tool that can help you automate this process and save time.

Happy Scribe is an automatic transcription and subtitle generator based in Dublin, Ireland. You upload your video or audio to the software, and it’ll automatically generate the transcription and subtitle.

Buy Happy Scribe Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Happy Scribe Review

You can then view the transcription on their text editor and the subtitles in their video editor along with the video and make any changes if you would like to. It saves a lot of time.

Happy Scribe Pricing Plans

Happy Scribe’s pricing plan is straightforward as it’s pay as you go. There are no monthly or annual fees. You just pay them depending on the length of your videos.

It’s €12 per hour for the first 1 to 24 hours, €11 per hour for 25 to 49 hours, and €9.6 per hour for 50 to 74 hours. For 75 hours or more, you need custom pricing. The credits never expire. You can use them whenever you want.Students get a 25% discount.


Same as Automatic transcript, Happy Scribe will generate automatic subtitles for your videos as well. The best thing is, They are having multiple options to download your transcribes into different formats.


Happyscribe also offers workspace management functionality. Where you can create workspaces then you can add multiple users into it. This is very helpful When it comes to team management.

HappyScribe Demo

Now, It’s Time for live-action. I recorded a podcast then I transcribed it. Special thing is, I’ve not touched a single word inside transcribe. Add to that, Podcast is also non-edited.

So, It’ll be very interesting to see the live action. Before you pay audio, I’ll recommend you to read transcribes with the podcast. It’ll help you to judge the real quality of tool.

Get Appsumo Happy Scribe in the Deal for $69.00

Cons of Happyscribe

  • If you are going with only one code. Then, 2 hours monthly seems very low to me. They need to work upon this.
  • If you are stacking more than 4 codes on Appsumo. Then, It’s recommended to go with their monthly plans.
  • I’ve seen that sometimes their vocabulary feature is not properly working for some particular words. It’s a recommendation that they need to add an option to add our voice to the vocabulary. This will be a game-changer.


With Happy Scribe, the time between upload and completion is impressively short, with most processing taking less than half the running time of the audio, and 20 minutes for an hour of audio processing isn’t unusual.

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