Cyber Monday Offer: Hexomatic Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $98.00


Hexomatic Appsumo: Extracting the data you need from the internet doesn’t require a PhD in coding or a multistep software installation. You get a scraping recipe builder that makes it easy to scrape products directories prospects and listings at scale with a simple point-and-click-experience.

Perform time-consuming tasks and enrich your data in minutes using a growing library of 40+ readymade built-in automations. Hexomatic lets you find new prospects in any industry discover email and social profiles perform audits and much more. Readymade automations make it easy to search for specific document types tap into RSS feeds extract SEO metadata.

Click Here to Buy Hexomatic Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $98.00

Hexomatic Appsumo

Hit the ground running with a growing library of prebuilt community scraping recipes and workflows that enable you to deploy complete use cases in minutes. You’ll be able to create your own scraping recipe in minutes and use automatic field detection different browser modes and pagination to capture text.

Click Here to Buy Hexomatic Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $98.00

Plus you can take advantage of advanced features like CSS selectors and Regex expressions to tackle more complex scenarios. Best of all, Hexomatic integrates with your existing applications like Slack Telegram and Discord for notifications and updates.

Hexomatic offers an optional premium credit add-on providing discounted access to residential proxies human-powered automations AI services and more! You can access these services on a per-usage basis right from your workflows saving you tons of time.

Ask a human team to capture data points leverage machine translation use AI image labelling or access managed automations giving you all the benefits of a research assistant on a per-task basis.

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