Cyber Monday Offer: SpreadSimple Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


SpreadSimple Appsumo: No more wasting time sifting through your CMS to update content on multiple product pages. Update and manage your inventory prices and orders directly from the Google Sheet with SpreadSimple. Plus, since Google Sheets is easily automated with built-in formulas add-ons and other tools like Zapier you can turn manual processes for your website into automated ones.

SpreadSimple also lets you introduce various customizable features to your site like search sorting filtering and pagination to make all your product pages uniquely yours. You can include SEO details like meta tags favicons preview images as well as custom scripts for chats.

Click Here to Buy SpreadSimple Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

SpreadSimple Appsumo

To match the site to your branding even more you can use a free subdomain or connect your own domain. Add an order form and shopping cart to your site and enable multiple payment methods including PayPal and Stripe so your customers can check out in no time!

Click Here to Buy SpreadSimple Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

With the WhatsApp add-on you can let your customers place orders on WhatsApp and start instant conversations with you right upon order placement increasing your conversions. Plus you can also add taxes agency fees service commissions and any additional charges that your business requires— and they’ll all be included in the total order price.

The Item Details option lets you add additional information to each item such as title price status and more. You don’t have to open up each unique page to change the details on your site either—just update your Google Sheet to manage content details.Using the Items Variations feature.

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