Disctopia Appsumo Discount: Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Disctopia Appsumo: Indie creatives know that getting discovered is hard. You want to build your brand and prosper on your own terms, but your brilliant content is getting lost in the shuffle. Imagine a streaming service that provides more creative freedom than other platforms offers unlimited uploads and connects you with your community.

Disctopia’s ad-free and commission-free platform helps creatives build their audience and fans discover new artists from around the world. Save favorites and purchases in your personal collection and create playlists for easy access. You can also choose whether your music, podcast, audiobook, and video uploads are available to everyone or just exclusive to subscribers.

Click here to Buy Disctopia Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Disctopia Appsumo

Uploads can be downloadable or stream only, and it’s a cinch to sync with Spotify, Pandora, or most other streaming services. Don’t worry—you can retrieve all of your previously purchased content from Spotify or Pandora, too. You’ll also be able to offer exclusive, subscriber-only content for your loyal followers, plus integrate merch without minimum sales order requirements. Just create a custom domain and share the link with your community in seconds.

Monitor your performance with engagement insights and tech analytics in the Reporting dashboard. Disctopia lets you view data on the number of active listeners, previews, plays, and true plays, plus see patterns at a glance with easy-to-read charts. You can even track daily and weekly engagement stats, both generally and categorized by platform, like Spotify, Apple, and Disctopia.

Disctopia gives you full ownership of the rights to your content and offers unlimited uploads, downloads, and storage! Plus, there are zero distribution or commission fees, so you’ll receive 100% of your sales revenue. From there, you can track your payouts and earnings in the Payout dashboard. With one consolidated platform to upload, distribute, and monetize both content and merch, all you have to do is watch your revenue soar.

Anonymity might be cool if you’re a diehard fan of the Paul Blart movies, but you need exposure if you’re trying to build an audience for your content. With Disctopia, you can stop daydreaming and start living the dream on a platform that helps you find your tribe and make waves.

Click here to Buy Disctopia Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Plans and Features

Lifetime access to Disctopia

All future Creative+ (Tier 1) or Agency (Tier 2) Plan updates

No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you

You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 2 license tiers

Previous AppSumo customers will receive new limits & features of corresponding tier purchased

Previous AppSumo customers who purchased Disctopia can upgrade their license to increase their feature limits

60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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