DocsCloud PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49


DocsCloud PitchGround: DocsCloud is a web-based software platform that helps you create web forms and generate the filled documents from templates. It will manage & get the documents digitally signed.  It will host the documents and extract the text from the documents.

DocsCloud helps you automate the various aspects of your routine documentation activities. The platform allows you to create & embed web forms, generate filled documents by mapping them with the forms or integrating them with the API/Plugins.

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The fastest way to get the documents signed digitally. Create or upload documents and get them digitally signed by multiple parties (signees). Businesses of any size can now simplify the creation and management of agreements.

DocsCloud PitchGround
DocsCloud PitchGround

Master the art of document generation using DocTemplate. It strives to make the process of creating business documents easy and helps you to avoid writing tedious contracts, forms, and templates.

Get automatically notified when the transaction gets completed in DocsCloud. DocsCloud modules connect with Webhook to share information. Perform direct integration with platforms like Slack, Discord & similar.

Click here to buy DocsCloud PitchGround Lifetime Deal at $49

Update your business application endpoint to collect the data. Single-click to get the integration details for forms & templates. Generate the documents using API integration & receive the document in the response.

DocsCloud PitchGround Benefits

  • Generate the documents in bulk by uploading the CSV file.
  • Send your documents for a digital signature to one or multiple recipients/
  • Authenticate the signee before they sign the document.
  • Real-time data extraction from documents without any dependency on other commercial platforms.
  • Configurable options to manage the public visibility of the documents hosted on the DocsCloud
  • All capabilities are available on the same platform.
  • Low cost
  • Stable API (integration) layer
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